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#06 Casa Atlas by Estudio Macías Peredo


Participatory Fluidity.

What value can the fluidity of life have on the way in which we perceive space? What can the subtleties of the temporal offer to the permanent?

The protagonist of Casa Atlas, a residential project located in Guadalajara, Mexico and designed by Estudio Macias Peredo, is the nature which surrounds it. It is the movement of the trees, palms, and clouds in the sky. As we transition between rooms, we pause to open up to the exterior and get a glimpse of the immersive meditative spaces. As we observe the stairwell, we are witness to the changing sky of the day through the shadow work in the courtyard below.

Casa Atlas not only offers a point of reference, it mediates this reality. It does so by offering opportunity for engagement. The opening of apertures into introspective spaces on the exterior makes it a residence concerned with the state of refuge. It does so by filtering context through the use of surrounding vegetation. In this way, views are contained within the minimalist walls or the density of the vegetation.

Home as refuge is accomplished in a very subtle and elegant way allowing it to become the background on the peaceful performance of a day's passing.

This short film was directed by Juan Benavides of Filmatica and is part of a series of videos on 12 houses including projects in different cities around Mexico.The music was composed by Gerardo Orozco. Casa Atlas was designed by Estudio Macias Peredo.


Architect: Estudio Macías Peredo
Mentioned project: Casa Atlas (2012-2013)
Project location: Zapopan, México
Music: Gerardo Orozco

Mexico 2015
Duration: 3'43''