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#05 Casa IC by Alexanderson Arquitectos


Wake up on the edge of the ravine.

In Filmatica's short film an anonymous presence materializes inside and outside the neat, elegant spaces of the IC House, the residence designed by Alexanderson Arquitectos in Guadalajara (México).

Following the movements of the figure, the director Juan Benavides (Filmatica) lingers on the dialogue between the monolithic volume and the spectacular landscape of the near ravine, that inspired the irregular geometry of the design. The relationship with the views and with the surroundings is constantly influenced by the multiple types of openings in the walls and by the idea of the architects to completely open a side of the house towards the internal garden, while maintaining the side facing the street more introvert. At the same time, the short documentary outlines and gracefully interprets the interior details and the everyday paths within the three-level house, as well as the main concepts of the project.


Architect: Alexanderson Arquitectos
Mentioned project: Casa IC (2014)
Project location: Guadalajara, México
Music: Gerardo Orozco

Mexico 2015
Duration: 3'15''