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#03 Casa Roja by Dear Architects


Blurred Transitions.

How can all environmental aspects of life become seamlessly connected in terms of spatial quality? In this short film by Juan Benavides of Filmatica, the outdoors is experientially bound to private living, blurring the conventions of contrasting environments. The residence is located in the mountainous Monterrey, Mexico and has been designed by the Mexican firm, Dear Architects. The direct connection to the outdoors is noted as our protagonists, a man and his dog, enter the house and open up the various doors and shutters which transform the interiors, from places of refuge into sheltered extensions of the outdoors.

Light floods into each space and large doors allow complete access into generous outdoor spaces directly adjacent to the common areas inside. The ground level connects to a naturally landscaped yard. We experienced the movement from the dining room onto a covered outdoor living room, complete with furniture pieces and lighting fixtures. The lines between inside and outside are once again blurred as our protagonist takes us into the upper rooms. The movement of shutters transforms a cave-like sleeping refuge into a tranquil and spatially aware enclosure looking out at the backdrop of majestic mountains. Floor to ceiling windows as well as small pocket windows complement this experience by allowing light to fully penetrate the space as well as by allowing for wind to circulate through the house.

As we leave the interior, Benavides reminds us of the surrounding context. We observe the leaves of a tree blowing in the wind and the sun shining on a lawn of growing grass within the frames of the residence. The use of layered and transformable elements inspire a new way of thinking about the home and it's integration into the environment.

This is the third short film in a series directed by Juan Benavides of Filmática which includes the documentation of 12 houses designed by up and coming Mexican architects throughout various cities in Mexico.


Architect: Dear Architects
Mentioned project: Casa Roja (2011)
Project location: Monterrey, Mexico
Music: Gerardo Orozco

Mexico 2014
Duration: 4'43''