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Simone Subissati Architects
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Simone Subissati was trained at the School of Architecture of the University of Florence. He was pupil of Remo Buti and Gianni Pettena, exponents of the Italian Radical movement, and of Roberto Segoni, internationally renowned designer and founder of the first Italian course in industrial design.
Simone Subissati lives and works between Milan and Ancona, where he founded his studio Simone Subissati Architects. SSA is a multidisciplinary research laboratory that works on residential and public architecture as well as in interior design and design. Works by SSA are characterized by experimentation and theoretical reflection on some fundamental themes of the discipline - from the interpretation of architectural space to the interrelationships with contemporary art, to the centrality of creating an architecture in relation to the materials and craftsmanship of the designed artifact.
SSA received an honorable mention at the Compasso d’Oro International Prize in 2015.


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Published on Dec 02, 2019