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HW-Studio Arquitectos
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HW-Studio is an Architecture practice founded in 2010 in Morelia city, Mexico, within the booming of violence of the country.

The Studio was created with the purpose to stimulate and get implicated in the Architectural process with artistic principles and eastern philosophy with western philosophy, in order to create spaces that evoque and promote that threatened peace.

Meditation is part of their creative process, becoming the natural and obvious answer for the creation of spaces that can transmit a serenity sensation, tranquility and silence, in a world mostly noisy and violent.

The name: HW-Studio, comes from the union of the H letter, which in Spanish is considered the silent letter and it means the representation of silence. The W letter comes from the Japanese concept Wabi Sabi, which has no Spanish translation or direct equivalence with western concepts, but it could be understood as beauty of the impermanent and the imperfect.

Clips by HW-Studio Arquitectos

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Cantera Market
01:43 min

Cantera Market

Published on Feb 17, 2020