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Francisca Benitez
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Francisca Benitez is Chilean architect working as an artist and video-maker. She comes from Santiago where she studied architecture and urban planning at Universidad de Chile. In 1998 she decided to move to NYC where she is still living and working. Rather than focusing on architeture, Francisca Benitez, like a sort of metropolitan anthropologist, likes to explore the cultures that populate the city. Her videos unwrap spaces and practices that are often hidden to the rest of the community. And hence "Canto visual" shows how a group of members of the Deaf community translating Neruda's "Canto General" in Chilean sign language; "DROPA" is about an unchained queer dance in NYC; while "Sukkah" films the construction of small huts for the jewish fest of Sukkot in Williamsburg, showing how a practice born in another space and time adapts itself to a new urban context. "Sukkah" belongs to a trans media project carried out in 2000 which focused on the life of the jewish orthodox community in NYC. In 2002 Francisca collaborated with Kyong Park and Pilar Ortiz for "Words Images and Space. A new language for the city" which documents a project to imagine a relaunch of Detroit's devastated urban and social landscape.

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Published on Nov 06, 2014
Words, Images and Spaces. A Language for a New City?
04:40 min